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Client : Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Using Digital to Evolve Marketing During the COVID-19 Lockdown

The Challenge

As the nation went into lockdown, many brands sought new ways to touch base with their customers. Santen, a leading ophthalmology brand, needed a way for their sales team to reach out to their clientele.

Cogent’s Strategy

In addition to digital advertisements, we reached out to Indonesians via on-ground recruiters, who were seen to be more trustworthy. Our on-ground recruiters also made it easier for people to understand the play & earn concept and assisted them to register on the platform. Popular YouTubers and influencers were also roped in to spread awareness and build up the credibility of the games.

Cogent’s Strategy

Santen’s sales team had contact numbers of their customers, Ophthalmologists from leading medical facilities. With WhatsApp being the number one messaging platform in Malaysia, we utilised it as a platform to share useful information about eye problems and Santen’s products.

Key Takeaway

Santen was able to continue marketing activities during lockdown and managed to retain top-of-mind awareness for the brand among their customers.

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