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The Power of a Strong Proposition

Updated: May 8, 2023

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has always had a strong presence in the pickup truck segment in Malaysia. However, other brands have been able to chip into their market share with more competitive product offerings.

So when it came time to introduce a new Triton to the Malaysian market, Mitsubishi Motors tasked us with a clear goal. Make Triton one of the top-selling pickup trucks in Malaysia with a powerful proposition to the target audience.

Sizing up the competition.

Market leaders Toyota had a product that was synonymous with pickup trucks and Ford had a product offering that was defined by tough in terms of looks.

The new Triton combined both of these... and then some more. Sporting the powerful and ever-reliable MIVEC engine, a new dynamic design and handling that is superior.

Positioned to be a winner.

Cogent researched and conceived a brand proposition that summarised the key selling points into one single line. 4SURE Handling comprises of 4 pillars; 4SURE Power, 4SURE Control, 4SURE Agility and 4SURE Safety.

We went through many versions of the design for the tagline. The end result is one that embodies toughness, grit and impact.

This was the perfect proposition that fit a great product. 4SURE Handling was used as the official sales pitch for Triton across the nation. It was also adopted by fans and owners of Triton as a catchphrase that signified their confidence in the product.

The Results

The new Mitsubishi Triton has become the second best-selling pickup truck in Malaysia, and in some states, it is the No. 1 selling pickup truck.

The success of the new Mitsubishi Triton propelled the client to expand on the Triton product line and confidently introduce new models into the market. Mitsubishi Motors continues to be a major force in the automotive industry in Malaysia.

Learning point:

  • A well-conceived proposition that aptly encapsulates the brand & product attributes can elevate an entire marketing campaign to new heights.


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