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Client : Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia

Campaign : "Play Your Role" Road Safety Video

Singing the Tune of Road Safety Advocacy

The Challenge

Cogent's Strategy

Key Takeaway

Malaysia's road accident death rates is one of the highest in the world, mostly due to poor driving habits. Yet, Malaysians are not going to be receptive to "another typical road safety" preaching video with gory scenarios. We needed to send the message in a different way. 

With the support of Ministry of Transport, we conceptualised a musical-style music video. The video is meant to deliver the message with a punch - catchy melody, witty lyrics and a dance moves replicating safety in road usage. 

"Play Your Role" Road Safety Video achieved 60,000 views (and counting) and has been lauded by many as a memorable video on this topic. 

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