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Client : Fusionex International Plc

A New Look for Digitalising Businesses

The Challenge

With COVID-19 affecting most retail brick-and-mortar operations, Fusionex wanted to reach out to business owners and offer a complete solution to digitising their business. Most IT companies in the B2B space utilising similar themes and imagery, it was easy for most of the target audience to overlook them. We needed to present Fusionex differently from the competition.

Cogent’s Strategy

Communication for IT companies tend to be cold. We wanted to incorporate nature into a series of billboards for Fusionex and set it apart from other IT companies. Our main message with these visually striking billboards was that Fusionex is an award-winning data company that transformed physical businesses to be part of the new digital ecosystem. 

Key Takeaway

The billboards were effective in increasing the visibility of the Fusionex brand. Placed along strategic high-traffic areas in KL, they were an instant eye-catching set of visuals and animations that can’t be missed.

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