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Client : Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.

Campaign: PlayMining Play & Earn Campaign

Marketing Play & Earn Gaming in Indonesia & Beyond

The Challenge

Video games are a fast-growing hobby in the region, but how do we introduce a whole new concept of gaming to the masses? Our client DEA, built an entire platform of blockchain-based games that rewarded players with cryptocurrency. Flipping the entire model of gaming with the play & earn concept. However, initial research revealed that the target audience was sceptical about the proposition of these games, which seemed too good to be true.

Cogent’s Strategy

In addition to digital advertisements, we reached out to Indonesians via on-ground recruiters, who were seen to be more trustworthy. Our on-ground recruiters also made it easier for people to understand the play & earn concept and assisted them to register on the platform. Popular YouTubers and influencers were also roped in to spread awareness and build up the credibility of the games.


With the success of growing the user base in Indonesia, we expanded this strategy to Malaysia with the addition of video game streamers and tournament sign-ups. In 10 months, we’ve managed to help our client hit the 1 million registered user milestone. Playmining games had also made an impact on the lives of its users by providing them with a new income stream to support their lives and family. Some of its users have used the earnings from the game to pay for their internet, utilities, college tuition, to even purchasing a motorcycle.

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