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Client : Kalbe International

Campaign : Campaign: WOODS' Herbal Cough Syrup

Reinvigorating the Image and Sales of a Brand

The Challenge

WOODS’ cough syrup is a brand that’s a household name with a long history. When it came time to refresh its marketing with a new commercial, they reached out to us to develop something that would shake up the category and gain more market share.

Cogent's Strategy

To present cough syrup in a cute and endearing way instead of hard-selling it. The family of bees in 3D animation was born. This style of video was contrary to how most other cough syrups brands marketed their products. The approach struck a chord and Prince the Caring Cat was developed. The characters made it big and were applied across multiple mediums. 

Key Takeaway

WOODS' loved it and it soon became a TVC and became its most successful campaign to date with high recall rates that doubled sales.

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