Breaking the Resistance 

Client : Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM)


Motor Insurance Liberalisation is a joint initiative by Bank Negara Malaysia, PIAM and MTA (Malaysia Takaful Association) to sustain the motor insurance industry from the treat of over-claiming and abuse of tariffed premiums. Vehicle premium is now calculated according to risk factors such as driver’s age, car model, car’s condition and driver’s record. 


The Challenge


A knee-jerk reaction to such announcements would be expected as people will immediately think liberalisation is not fair thus it was important to create a positive association to it from the get-go. 


Cogent’s Strategy


Initiate change from within. Empowering messages were disseminated to help people understand how their driving habits can affect their motor insurance premium. Plus, they can shop around for the best coverage. In other words, “The Consumers Are In Charge Now”.



Vehicle owners are aware of Motor Insurance Liberalisation and take greater care to improve their risk profile. 

“Isyarat” (Signal) was created to put a friendly and approachable yet educational and positive face to the campaign.